What the G-Ate (or how Neroes fiddle while the world burns)

File this under Hypocrisy with a capital “H”.  The leaders of the G-8 (including President  “I know how hard it is to put food on your family” Bush) met this week in Japan to discuss climate change and the world food crisis, among other things.  After apparently paying only lip-service and coming up with no real solutions for the tens of millions who aren’t even at subsistence level, the G-8 leaders supped on a lavish 8 course banquet consisting of 19 dishes.

I suspect they enjoyed that with a side of cognitive dissonance.

I’m not saying they should  eat corn dogs and tater tots (leave that for people attending State Fairs this summer), but couldn’t they have scaled it back from obscene amounts of food to obnoxious amounts of food?   I find solace in the hope that at least a few of the Great Ate leaders had a bad case of indigestion that night. 

Some may argue that at least they’re trying to do something about the problem.  That’s the same tactic used to defend the new trend in poverty tourism, which doesn’t wash with me.  When a bunch of insanely rich people pay $300,000 to treat one of Thailand’s most impoverished villages like a zoo then go to a black tie dinner, that’s not philanthropy– it’s cluelessness.  If those people need a tour guide to figure out there’s extreme poverty in this world, they need to get off their yachts a little bit more.

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