You named your restaurant WHAT? The Sequel

The last thing I want to be reminded of when I go to a Mexican restaurant is the nasty bout of TD I brought home after eating a salad in Mazatlan.   

So naturally, a Mexican Restaurant named Montezuma’s summons up a memory lane I’d rather just not go down.

Montezuma’s is a pretty big Mexican restaurant chain in Australia, and an internet search shows there are Montezuma’s in NY and Pennsylvania, too.  Now, I realize that Montezuma was an Aztec ruler and it’s not unheard of to name restaurants after royalty.  But when that person’s name is most commonly associated in popular culture with Montezuma’s Revenge, I’d think twice before putting that person’s name on my restaurant.  Or menu:

Would Montezuma’s Delight be the opposite of Montezuma’s Revenge?  And what, exactly, would the opposite of that be?  Two opposites that come immediately to mind for me are both pretty unappealing.

5 responses to “You named your restaurant WHAT? The Sequel

  1. The real name of the Aztec King was “Moctezuma” not “Montezuma”. How did this name caught on as an equivalent of diarrhea is a mystery. Mabe the Wikipedia can shed some light on the topic.

  2. Actually, Montezuma and Moctezuma are just different ways of spelling the name of the same person. Montezuma II (or Moctezuma II) was an Aztec ruler who was conquered by Spanish invaders. It follows, then, that travellers diarrhea gotten in Mexico (also called ‘turista’) would be called Montezuma’s revenge. It’s a tongue in cheek reference to Montezuma (or Moctezuma) getting back at the Europeans for his defeat.

  3. That picture of Montezuma’s Delight looks nasty!!! It looks like they need to hire a food stylist because those olives look like little black bird eggs sitting in a nest of…never mind, too nasty for me to even write here! LOL…

  4. Thumbs up to Jeninoz. Thanks for the info, pal,

  5. It may sound terrible.. but Montezumas is AWESOME and… I’m dying for a Montezumas delight right now!! If onyl I wasn’t on a diet.

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