Jam! Those are some good donuts

They say you’ll always remember your first.  I do. 

It was my first visit to Australia.  I’d been off the plane after the 14 hour flight for a couple of hours. 

Maybe it was because I was jet-lagged.  Maybe the rectangular-shaped airline “omelette” I’d eaten a few hours before was so lackluster anything I subsequently ate would taste wonderful.  Maybe I am powerless to resist the allure of fried dough.  Whatever the reason, I’ll always think fondly of the first jam donut — nay, the first food– I consumed on Australian soil.

I am certain that when Homer Simpson says “Mmmmm. Donuts,” he’s thinking about the piping-hot, jam-filled balls of deep-fried goodness that come from the American Doughnut Kitchen truck at the Queen Victoria Market.  I first discovered these donuts in 2003, thanks to my friend Jay.  Recently, I made a return visit to the ADK with my husband in tow.

Why is it called “American Doughnut Kitchen”?  I don’t know.  I’ve never thought to ask because everytime I come within a 100 meter radius of this truck, I’m struck dumb and develop tunnel vision.  The only thing that seems to matter is stuffing about half a dozen of them in my gob.*

On my most recent visit,  I did have the presence of mind to take some photos.

Time to make the donuts…

I had plenty of time to watch them make the donuts because we got there early on a Sunday morning before they even opened.  Waiting was torture.  Finally, we were allowed to pay our $5 for a bag of six donuts…

(yes you only see three because I had to eat before I snapped pics)

…. and I was in ecstasy.

The donuts are fried to a deep golden brown and rolled in sugar.  They’re ever-so-slightly crisp on the outside, light and airy inside with a red pocket of raspberry jam in the center.  Donut trucks tend to be a dime a dozen in Australia, but I think this one possesses a special magic. 


Now, I know there are some who are crying “Sacrilege! How could these be better than Krispy Kreme?!!”  I’m not saying these are better, just  delicious in a totally different way.  Plus, I have worshipped at the altar of Krispy Kreme in Australia a couple of times– which reminds me of  a really funny story.  It involves Krispy Kreme, Australia’s Opposition Leader (the highest ranking member of the party not in power in the executive branch), and ME!  More on that in the next post.


*Gob is Aussie slang for mouth

3 responses to “Jam! Those are some good donuts

  1. I recognize that hat!

  2. Has anyone out there found a recipe to match these? They are my family’s absolute favorites but we can’t keep driving to Melbourne for our doughnut fix!

  3. So glad you enjoy our doughnuts. We are moving with the times and now have a facebook page where you are invited to add your comments. Many have tried to replicate the recipe but all hve failed.
    American doughnut kitchen

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