Not the same

Girl Guide Biscuits in Australia

Girl Guide Biscuits in Australia

We’re in the thick of Girl Scout cookie season in the U.S. In fact, my article about them ran in today’s San Jose Mercury News food section along with the orginal Girl Scout cookie recipe.
I spent six months of my life researching Girl Scout cookies for my Masters of Gastronomy dissertation, and during that time I never got to eat a Girl Scout cookie for inspiration since I was in Australia and no one, not even my own mother, was kind enough to send a box to me. 
My husband did bring home two packages of  Girl Guide biscuits which just aren’t the same.  They’re good, they’re just not Girl Scout cookies.  There are only two kinds, shortbread and shortbread with a chocolate coated bottom and Australians aren’t barking mad for them like we Americans are for Girl Scout cookies.  In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any mention of them anywhere in newspapers, on TV, or in general conversation.  I was as shocked as anyone to see this display– with nary a Girl Guide in sight–outside of a store in Glenelg last winter.
So America, don’t get complacent about your cookies.  Don’t let them become just another lame fundraiser kids have to do so that they wind up on the sidewalk outside of a tourist trap store next to a bin of koala and kangaroo socks.  Girl Scout cookies deserve better than that.

5 responses to “Not the same

  1. Here here! My mother apparently bought a few boxes to send me here in Australia. But that remains to be seen. I have a sinking suspicion they might be eaten before they make it to the UPS truck!

  2. um… im australian and living in the USA, i totally disagree. well perhaps it is different in other states- but in queensland- girl guide biscuts are massive, and are sold out at most work places across the country.
    they are definately not a lame fund raiser.

  3. I live in New South Wales (Sydney) and have done for nearly 6 years and I’ve never ever see Girl Guide biscuits for sale here. I don’t actually know of anyone who has girls that are actually in Girl Guides. You would think that in Australia’s most populated city you would, but I haven’t. Maybe it is just a popular thing in Queensland. ?

  4. ive lived all over QLD from cairns to brisbane, and it is a big phenomenon- must just be a QLD thing perhaps

    • That’s interesting, Sam. I never once saw anything about Girl Guide biscuits in three years of living in Australia– with the exception of the bin I photographed. I did searches of news papers and radio transcripts and never found mention of them, whereas in America thousands of articles are written about them every year. I’m curious– were you a Girl Guide? Perhaps that’s why you found it easier to find them?

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