Frozen Foreshadowing?

I LOL’d when I pulled this out of the freezer at my parents’ house tonight.  Could any product have a name that better fits the current state of the food industry than this?  Not unless it was bagged spinach called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lethal”.

Thankfully, Blue Bunny’s Peanut Butter Panic hadn’t done the complicated food chain tango with the Peanut Corporation of America so we could eat it without wondering if we should also be making funeral plans.  And it tasted pretty good, too.

4 responses to “Frozen Foreshadowing?

  1. Yum! What I wouldn’t give for a container of that here in Australia. Ugh. Enjoy… an extra one for me!

  2. There is definitely a severe lack of peanut butter cups there. But I would suspect if you could find a Baskin Robbins (I’m pretty sure there’s one in Sydney) they would have peanut butter cup ice cream for you!

  3. Omigod, that is freaking hilarious. How appropriate.

  4. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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