Hell on wheels

Big food has gone and done it again. 

Following in the footsteps of individually-owned mobile food trucks and carts, like the L.A.-based Kogi truck that became a twittering sensation, Taco Bell is now tweeting the location of its taco truck.

WTF? Why on earth would Taco Bell need a mobile taco truck? You can’t swing a dead cat and not hit a Taco Bell– they are everywhere.  The people following these tweets must be seriously impaired if they can’t find a bricks and mortar store somewhere.  They probably believe in death panels, too.

The whole idea of mobile food carts tweeting their location is because they don’t have a bricks and mortar location or a multi-million dollar marketing budget like Taco Bell.  Plus, quite often, as is currently happening in L.A., the trucks get shooed away from certain areas where they park, so they have to move along– losing clientele each time they have to pull up stakes.  It would be the equivalent of cops coming and chasing away all the customers at  a restaurant with a permanent location.

Big Food has jumped the shark again.  Never, ever doubt its ability to co-opt a good idea and make it stink.

Organic Twinkies, anyone?

3 responses to “Hell on wheels

  1. Do you have any idea how much I’d love to see a mobile Taco Bell right now??? And I don’t even like Taco Bell– except that thing they make that looks like a mexican pizza, oh and the chips with cheese sauce on them.

  2. Florida Girl- I totally hear you. I actually thought about mentioning how I would have driven to Broome for Taco Bell when I was in Oz. But alas, everywhere I look now there are taco trucks and hand-pushed tamale carts. I got spoiled really fast. But did you hear? Ben & Jerry’s is coming to Oz.

  3. This entry cracked me up! What are they thinking???

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