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  1. Very cute picture of you. How about Fuddruckers. It may not be a bodily function but the name always had a rather suggestive innuendo…..Wonder what the locals down under would think about that name. Karen

  2. That’s another good one. I do tend to revert to 5th grade and giggle at the sign everytime I drive by one when I’m in the U.S. I don’t think Aussies would bat an eye, though. Swearing here (or even the implication of it) is not such a big deal. We even hear all of Gordon Ramsey’s F-bombs on broadcast TV at 8:30 pm!

  3. HI Jennifer,

    Another Jennifer here who read your article this morning re: homemade condiments. I am planning a regional launch July 4th with our family recipe for an old-fashioned tomato relish we call “Aunt Aggie’s Tomato Smash”. YUM! I live in Santa Rosa and would welcome your journalistic input. There is nothing quite like the impact of a respected food writer’s blog! Heather Irwin and Michele Anna Jordan will also be notified locally…I would be happy to send you some to sample and if you like it, and are a part of any food writers orgs–bring ’em on! I have BIG plans for this stuff….
    Jennifer Hedgpeth
    Aunt Aggie’s Foods
    707-322-0371 mobile

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