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Time to go back to culinary school

It’s probably bad form to point out some idiocy happening on the airwaves of my former employer, but really, it’s just idiocy by association.  One of my former co-workers linked to this video on Twitter.  A chef from Cadillac Ranch in Tempe, AZ was on the Fox morning show today with a recipe for Guinness Beef Stew for Father’s Day when the forecast high is 103.

Guiness Stew + Phoenix + June= gross.

I’m pretty sure Dad would rather have a tie than a piping hot bowl of stew.

I have a really hard time believing a chef would come up with this idea.  I’ll take up my twitfriend Gastropoda’s crusade and say this stinks of clueless flackery.  Whoever sold this story idea should be stewboarded.