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Jam! Those are some good donuts

They say you’ll always remember your first.  I do. 

It was my first visit to Australia.  I’d been off the plane after the 14 hour flight for a couple of hours. 

Maybe it was because I was jet-lagged.  Maybe the rectangular-shaped airline “omelette” I’d eaten a few hours before was so lackluster anything I subsequently ate would taste wonderful.  Maybe I am powerless to resist the allure of fried dough.  Whatever the reason, I’ll always think fondly of the first jam donut — nay, the first food– I consumed on Australian soil.

I am certain that when Homer Simpson says “Mmmmm. Donuts,” he’s thinking about the piping-hot, jam-filled balls of deep-fried goodness that come from the American Doughnut Kitchen truck at the Queen Victoria Market.  I first discovered these donuts in 2003, thanks to my friend Jay.  Recently, I made a return visit to the ADK with my husband in tow.

My donut odyssey continues here