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Picky, Picky makes us sicky

The incredible, edible (or not) egg How could you not like these?

I thought it was pretty interesting that a list of America’s 20 Most Hated Foods and the 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating came out at about the same time.  Even more interesting is that there was some crossover between these two lists (beets, blueberries) and some foods on the hated list that were quite similar to the foods on the best for you list (brussels sprouts/cabbage, raisins/prunes). Generally speaking, at least 70% of the foods on the Most Hated list are good for you, and more than that are beneficial in moderation. 

What really struck me were some of the childish comments people made about the foods they disliked!  I think it’s high time a few American adults grow up and quit behaving like picky pre-schoolers.  Is it any wonder our population has so many food-related health problems when we can’t get over our infantile phobias of foods that are, by and large, good for us?