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Useless Kitchen Gadgets

Pizza scissors???  Really?  I mean, come on.  REALLY???

If you need one of these things to “effortlessly” cut your pizza, you probably shouldn’t get near a hot oven in the first place.  When you find cutting pizza with a knife or a pizza wheel too taxing, perhaps you should have just called Dominos.

This thing looks like a PITA to clean and store.  I would assume it would quickly be relegated to the back of the kitchen gadget drawer to take its rightful place with the avocado slicer, creme brulee torch, and melon baller. 

I want to know what you think are the most useless gadgets you’ve ever seen, or –‘fess up now– owned.  I’ll own up to the melon baller.  But as God as my witness, I will never own a pair of pizza scissors.