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It’s dinner time in Rome. Do you know where your children are?

With Pope Benedict’s World Youth Day mass still ringing in the pilgrims’ ears, God may strike me down for this, but I can’t resist sharing something I found while researching the dining habits of the Pope and other residents of the Vatican.

It’s an entry from Frommer’s about dining in Rome:

Best for the Kids: After their tour of the Vatican or St. Peter’s, many savvy Roman families head for the Ristorante Il Matriciano, Via dei Gracchi 55 (tel. 06-3212327). It’s not fancy, but the price is right, and in summer you can opt for a sidewalk table. Let your kids feast on good, reasonably priced homemade fare that includes such crowd pleasers as ricotta-stuffed ravioli. At the next table you’re likely to see some priests from the Vatican dining.

Hmmm.  A kid friendly place that’s also a hangout for priests.  And it just gets better.  An entry for best al fresco dining on the same page mentions Roman Polanski.   Don’t the editors at Frommer’s do background checks on their writers or do they just fail to see the irony?